Hello There : Freebie Download

So I've been gone for a really long time (excruciatingly long), and I have decided that I run this blog again - and now based on my current hobbies and passion. As a "I'm back" post, I have decided to create this downloadable note card that basically says, "hello there". 

Basically, I love creating art - calligraphy, crafts, etc. and I have no real channel for it, and so I thought why don't I just share whatever I make for everyone to make use of? Makes sense, right? 

Due to our fast paced life we tend to set aside things or people that truly make us happy, and this little note card is just something that would let you pause and write a short note to whoever you would like to say hello to (in my case, it's you guys because I am baaaaaack).

Let's glide through this blogging / creating artsy fartsy thing. 

For the note cards, download here.

Initially I just made one design (the plain white one), then I got really fond of the colors and gradients and decided to make other colors. You can also print them on colored stock paper if you would like variations in color. 



Monday, April 6, 2015

As a graduation present from my parents and relatives, I went to the states for a vacation before I officially start working forever. We stayed in the West near LA, which is why a series of these travel posts will circulate around that area. First stop on our list of mandatory tourist places was Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where I patiently waited for my pretty woman (pun intended).

Through the years, I have been moving my blog around, not knowing exactly which platform of blogging I should use (there are just so many!). This account was the one I kept for the longest time, but I haven't really had the time to maintain it nor keep track of my posts after I got really busy with my Senior Year in college. After many years (and lots of html explorations), I decided to stay here and keep this blog, mainly because I use it more often, I have no difficulty navigating here and it saves me a lo of time and effort when it comes to customizing it to the way I like.
In the past, I admit I have been blogging for the compliance of blogging, or just to call myself a “blogger”, which was mostly about fashion and #ootds. It was tiring and I constantly forced myself to buy and wear things just so that I could blog about them and whatnot. I have come to realize that now {for me}, my blog will be my virtual and online diary that I can access anytime, wherever I am in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. Besides, I type faster than I write, which is so much more convenient that having to write my thoughts and experience down on a journal (that may be destroyed over time). This way, my memories are documented and my photographs will less likely fade away (naturally, of course).
For now, I will be uploading my experiences from the past couple of months. This is a big undertaking, but I find it very relaxing to do so.