Pasta Plate Date

it seemed like a fine day to wear a skirt today so i did, but when i got to school, rain clouds started to appear! it rained so hard in Taft for a while and my friend and I just decided to eat at this place called PASTA PLATE. There, they serve pasta for a reasonable price. :)
so this was the view from inside the restaurant. 

if you guys are around the taft area, I also recommend this new tea place there, uhm i think it's a taiwanese tea brand/place, but it's newly established in this area. It's called CHATIME and they offer a wide variety of tea and other related drinks.
people were judging me :| :)) 
 as i said earlier, the weather seemed fine to wear a skirt, so I did :))
Kamiseta white blouse

the belt is a hand-me-down from my dad
Forever21 skirt

Parisian shoes

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