Holy Week Hoppin' + Summer Vibes = :D

It's not officially summer for me yet, but it's Holy Week Break, which meant i had a week of no school \:D/ (and I know I'm supposed to be studying for my finals exam, but gahhh, who can study properly if the beach is so nearbyyyy)

Every year for Holy Week, my family goes to our province, La Union, to spend the very religious week there. We go to church and follow the tradition that has been followed since I can remember. For Sabado Gloria, it is a thing to go to the beach. I'm not entirely sure why, but I know it has something to do that we have to get wet that day.? :)) (someone please enlighten me! haha) So anyway, we went to the beach with our other relatives(and a whole lot of other people). There we had like a sort of picnic and had a barbeque.

As for Easter, we went egg hunting! (i forgot to take pictures though </3), and after that we went swimming in the beach again :)) To fully understand the reason why we go there a lot is because it's just a few blocks away from our house in the province, and well, to beat the summer heat, why not go to the beach.? I barely get to go anyway. :)

Although that break was fun, I didn't forget that we were also celebrating the kinda-second-birth-of-Jesus. (yeah, i listen to the priest at mass ;) ) , and we shouldn't forget that He did die for us. :D

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