Back on Track!

 blazer Trends and Thrifts | green top Pink Manila | shoes NAVA | bag Forever21| skull and spike bracelet(s) Bedazzle Accessories
 checkin' my reflection =))
 I don't know about you, but I like how artsy-blurry this photo is haha

My finals are finally done! Today was the last day and I was so happy to get it overwith. As I mentioned in my previous posts, it's been a really stressful time lately with all the projects we have to do (like financial analysis and stuff), not to mention the final exams. At least they're done now and all I have to worry about are my final grades :-O (I really do hope I pass my Economics class *cross fingers*) I'm really tired, my back and hands and everything hurt, and maybe I'll spend this weekend sleeping or just hanging out at my house while raiding our fridge bahaha.

Soooo... as a celebration for my last day of these dreaded exams (and because it's my final exam for my favorite class today), I decided to wear polkadots and bright colors! Polkadots mean happy right? no? =)) Well I thought so. I also used the blazer as shameless advertising (hihi) for me and my friends' online shop that will re-open soon. It used to be "Brighter Days" and we kinda slacked with it because we were all busy with school, but recently I got inspired with continuing and reviving it. It's now called "Trends and Thrifts", but we're still working on everything. *will let you guys know when it officially opens, i hope you can support me on this one :)*

Here are the things I've been up to lately that I haven't had time to post...

1. My brother was part of this pageant thing in his school for Buwan ng Wika. I was his sorta-slight stylist :)) and he won 2nd place. :") tralala. congrats brothah!

 I found this adorable thing in the classroom where they changed. MEHEHEHE. couldn't resist taking a picture of my boyfriends :)) 

2. I was accepted in CSO (Council of Student Organizations) in the AMT and found my second family in school. CRITICAL. RADICAL. FEARLESS. :> :> 

3. Got to hang out with these girls and had some girl talk. Hindi ako sanaaay :)) 
4. My HUMAART groupmates and I made a lot of effort to make our video documetary credits by making a Gangnam Style video. 'Twas all worth itttt :") 

5. We bought our tickets for Phantom of the Opera. I'm an excited frog :") 

All in all it was a great term. I seriously hope I pass all my classes! FTW \:D/

*sorry for the long post, it's just that I haven't posted in foreverrr.


  1. Great style
    Love th pink blazer
    GIVEAWAY on my blog
    Check it out

  2. Love that pink polka top!!!!!!


  3. Love that blouse, especially the style of the back.

  4. Love your style, it's so cute! Your accessories and pictures are awesome, following:)

    --The Urban Lioness