Think of Me

Could you tell I wasn't feeling well? Good grief :)) I was actually hesitant to post these pictures, but here they are.  Besides, I kinda like my outfit aaand it's a blog of my experiences and fashion ventures, right? Might as well post this now and laugh about it later on. So yeah, I went to watch the Phantom of the Opera with my mom and siblings. It was really good and it met my expectations. It was also my brother's birthday and this just happens to be one of his favorite plays/musicals, so good for him :-bd We were also able to catch a few of the cast after the show and had some photos taken with them, but they're in my mom's phone soooo I probably won't be able to post them here. Have you guys seen it? Let me know what you think about it :) 


  1. Yes you do look like you're feeling under the weather but still you look fab because of your outfit. It is a good decision that you posted it.

    I wasn't able to see Phantom of the Opera so I am totally jealous!