Design YourSHU

the shoe we had to design/paint over:
 Ate Chari became competitive when we started painting :)) 

3rd Place: San Beda College

2nd Place (us :") hihi): De La Salle University 
 it didn't turn out the way i sketched it on paper, but nontheless it was still cute

1st Place (and I'm not even surprised, look at how pretty that is!! -_-): University of the Philppines

i was able to see some of my favorite bloggers! \:D/ though i only got to take a picture with two 'cause i couldnt find the others after the awarding ceremony -_- 
 Aisa Ipac
 Ana Gonzales

Please disgregard the haggard looking me =)) It was a stressful day, trying to pull out inspiration from almost nothing in the midst of piles of school-work to do, but we got past it. Ate Chari and I went to the Shulong "design your shu" contest wherein we represented our school in a shoe designing contest. It was quite unexpected that we won because we were so out of it, like we were so clueless on our design, we decided that it would be an impromptu design, but it pulled off quite well. Bloggers also had their own designs and they were cuuuute. 

I'll try not to be MIA too much :D :)) 



  1. Hi Trish! It was awesome to meet you (in an art event pa!) last Sunday! :) Congrats uli! ;)

    1. thank youu! it was so awesome to meet you as well! :D

  2. It looks really funny! Great pics ;)
    I really like your blog, followed!


  3. Congratssss chari and trish!!!:))