today i went on a market market trip and it was sooo worth it \:D/ for those who do not know where or what market market is, it's a mall located in Fort Bonifacio, Philippines. Just like most malls, it's complete with everything you need.(food, clothes, gadgets, etc.), and they have fashion section called 'Fashion Market' where you can find affordable yet durable clothes ;)

Generally, this is how it looks. It has many stalls with different variations of clothes, bags and shoes, from children's wear to middle-aged individuals, and even corporate attires! Name it and they have it ;) you just have to search real good for you to be able to get the best prices ;D

Forever 21 plaid top
Zara white undershirt                            
When shopping, especially in places like this, it is best to wear something comfortable (something easy to move in). Also, you'd like to wear something that you wouldn't be so picky about getting wrinkled, because when you shop and try on clothes, wrinkle-prone clothes are likely to be wrinkled =)) (lol. did that make sense.?)

 look at that bargain.. @_@

 POTTER FEVER \:D/ is it that obvious that i still can't get over it.? :)) HAHAHA. (those glasses were only P50 btw ;) )
sometimes.. I find the most random things =))

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