Front and Center

so this is what i wore today :)
it's a simple sun dress that i wore with a denim jacket and my school shoes. 
(and yes, i checked,  it's long enough to be worn in school-but I think i really couldn't take the denim jacket off because i dont think spaghetti straps are allowed in the dress code)
i wore this 'cause there hasn't really been an opportunity to wear dresses lately due to the bad weather.. but now it's sunny again \:D/ plus i loved the pattern on the dress :))
this outfit is very easy to put together because it's a bunch of pieces that are a staple to most closets ;)

 H&M denim jacket
Forever21 sundress
Forever21 necklace

if you guys want to add a twist to this outfit and make it more edgier(or if you want some shade and protect your head from UV rays! :D) you may want to add another accessory like a hat.. :)
i'm not sure where my mom bought the hat, but i'm pretty sure it was at a tiangge somewhere :)) 

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