18 Candles

due to popular demand, (hihi :">) i posted this look. well okay let me tell you the story behind these pictures and the candle (seen on the top picture). well im throwing this party for my 18th birthday, more popularly know in the Philippines as a "debut", and i wanted to personalize my invitations in different..uh what do you call this.. parts, or whatever it is they call those 18 people who participate in the party program. This outfits (or pictures) were supposed to be used in the 18 candles invitations, but it didnt seem appropriate so i didnt go for it.. but i ended up with an outfit that i actually like and would wear out to the mall, a stroll in the park, or even to the beach. 

The light fabric of the white button down is perfect for the climate here in the country, which is tropical. It's breezy , but at the same time it has sleeves which is a perfect balance for the shorts i'm wearing. I call these shorts my "mom jeans" shorts :)). There was an era, im pretty sure it was during our parents' time, wherein high-cut jeans were the "in" thing and because of that.. i call these my mom jeans shorts (WHAT A MOUTHFUL haha). I actually bought these shorts from a thrift shop and i was lucky enough to have a size perfectly for me, because the rest were either too tight or too loose. The headband that i used is actually a scarf that came with a dress of mine when i was about.. like.. 7 maybe.? it was a long time ago and the "scarf" is now really small, but has this nice color and pattern.. so i decided to make use of it as a headband :)

p.s. please excuse the bangs and the diffused curls =)) 

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