Luneta Lovin'

It was such a refreshing feeling to be able to visit Luneta. Everything seems to be so modern these days and many of us are forgetting the simple joys of just walking around in the park. It was nice to take a time off from  the malls, school, and the internet :)) and just bask under the sun. 

I remember my parents used to take me here when i was younger and just run around, but when i went there I barely saw any children. I think children today are kept indoors too much or they aren't exposed to outdoors and are focused on games or the internet. Also, i noticed that the grass wasn't so healthy in some areas :( haha. they should really work on that.

When i visited Luneta, I saw a lot of foreigners touring the place. They seem to be interested in our history, but are we.? 

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