Debut Planning

Today was such a busy day. Even though I had no school, I had many a number of people to meet up with and a few places to go to. In the morning I went to this place called baclaran(spell????) hahaha! , but I didn't stay too long there and I think I'll go back soon :) - i saw some pretty good bargains. I had to talk to the dressmaker there and I showed the design I wanted for the dress that I'm getting made. The sketcher-person :)) was so good at sketching the dress I wanted, and I was impressed with how she sketched. It was unexpected that at such a place (no offense I like baclaran, but i just didnt expect an artist like that would be found there :-O). If they are able to make my dress the way I want it to be.. I'll definitely recommend them to other people =)))

Then after that, I met up with a florist for this event I'm organizing (hihi :">) We talked about the flower arrangements and a good color pallet for the event. I kind of expected a different person, but I was surprised that he is a very manly person :)))) i mean no offense to florists or designers.. i just kind of expected them to be feminine-ish haha. am i that judgemental.? sorry :) anyway. he was also good at sketching and i was so surprised. I hope he makes the event look good \:D/

Last, I met up with my friend Marco (hi marco if you're reading this! haha. SPECIAL MENTION.) because I helped him with this video he's making for freestyle basketball moves :> ohyea. I have to admit, he's pretty good at it i guess :)) i mean i can never do those moves. :D

As for the outfit i'm wearing, I decided to wear something chill and just kind of easily put together.. since I knew that I'll going to places today. (and i wore shorts because i dont get to wear them in school hahaha :)) ) I also like the color combination of black and nude. It looks really natural and just gives an overall chill vibe. Sorry for the messy hair, i didnt have time to fix it in the morning :)) 

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