Christmas Glitter

so assuming as i am.. i thought you guys would want to see what i wore for Christmas Eve. :D it's a little sloppy in pictures because i was already a little tired during the time these pictures were taken (and if you notice i did not include my face in those pictures haha) I wore a sequin-embellished top and to balance its sparkle i wore a tweed skirt. Plus, the season gave me an excuse to wear a sparkly top that I wouldn't wear on any other normal day. Lately I've been trying to mix patterns and fabrics, mainly because I think pairing that particular top with just a plain skirt would make it look kind of boring, plain and very average, so i opted for a skirt that had a bit of a pattern, but at the same time complemented the top. I didn't wear any necklaces because it would be a little too much seeing that the top already has enough detail to liven up the upper part of my body. A necklace would make the whole outfit look confusing, and I didn't want that, though if you would like to wear a necklace with this kind of top i suggest it to be a choker kind of necklace that would only go down to below the collar bone and its color should complement the top. I do think wearing earrings would be better with this top though, rather than a necklace. As for the ring, I chose a gold color connector ring because i wanted the color to sort of pop from the color pallet of my outfit. The way it is a connector ring also gives itself attention, and that way I only had to wear one ring, as compared to three nice colored rings. 

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