Okay, i know it may look a bit disgusting from the photo, but this TAHO tastes really good. For those who don't know what taho is, it's this sweet tofu snack/dessert/drink thing that has a mix of small tapioca pearls and sweet brown syrup. In this case, instead of the syrup that is usually found in taho, the taho man mixed in strawberry jam/syrup. At first I was hesitant to taste it because it seemed out of the ordinary (for me) to try them together, but it seemed like a good try. It was indeed different and delicious at the same time. Something that refreshed you pallet and it's not something that you find very often. 

Yes yes, very amateur =)), but the flowers looked really pretty and I couldn't help myself to take a picture. 

A Baguio experience is always a good one. The province where my parents came from was very close, so we decided to take a little road trip to this wonderful city. What I really like about Baguio is that it has been "city-fied" so to speak, but it hasn't totally lost its culture. I really like this place mainly because of the weather. Baguio is a plateau which means the weather here is much much different than the one I'm used to in Manila, IN A GOOD WAY. haha. Not only that, it doesn't feel as congested as Manila because there are trees all over the place and you have that feeling of fresh air around you. If my school was here and a house i could live in, I would definitely prefer to stay and live in Baguio. 

As for my outfit, I went for comfort over style this time because it's sort of a long drive getting there and I knew that there would be times that I'd feel dizzy, so I prepared myself by wearing something that was comfortable (easy to move in). This is recommendable for all kinds of travelling if you're sure you're gonna be in a transportation vehicle for more than 2 hours. Style is part of your personality so you can twinge comfort a bit and add something that you think would be stylish but is not a hassle to wear. 

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