Home Made Wicked Oreos!

Today, my best friend Sam and I attempted to make this dessert that we first found out about in a restaurant called "Flaming Wings". Basically, it is fried battered Oreos topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. Unfortunately, we ran out of cinnamon, so we used chocolate syrup instead. It does seem very unhealthy, but everyone needs to cheat on their everyday diet once in a while. haha. This was our first time to cook or make this so we kind of left it in the pan a little longer than we should have, which explains the brown color. All in all, it's a unique dessert than everyone should try out, either to cook it or order it. 

If you guys want to try and make some.. here's the recipe we used :) ..

1. Oreos or any kind of chocolate biscuits with cream filling
2. Pancake Mix
3. Vanilla Ice Cream
4. Cinnamon Powder or Chocolate Syrup
5. cooking oil
6. Sprinkles or Cherries (optional)

1. 30 minutes before making the dessert, place the Oreos in the freezer.
2.Use the pancake mix as batter. Once the batter is ready and the Oreos time in the freezer is done, dip the Oreos in the mix.
3. Heat the pan where you're gonna cook along with the cooking oil
4. Once the oil has small bubbles, deep fry the Oreos that were dipped in the pancake mix. If you want an extra poof, scoop the Oreos with a spoon or tongs with some batter then dip it in the oil. 
5.Keep a watchful eye on the Oreos and flip them as soon as they turn golden brown(something that we obviously didn't do the first time haha).
6.Place the finished fried Oreos on a saucer or plate then top it with Vanilla Ice Cream, Cinnamon/Chocolate Syrup and a Cherry. 

*this is not our original recipe so we give credit to whoever invented this :D

I encourage you guys to try and make it because it's really good :D

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