17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

landing LIKE A BOSS

Even if the weather wasn't so great, my family and I still went to the 17th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta \:D/ This is an event where you get to watch hot air balloons & parachute-men =)) up in the air and fly kites while having bonding time with your friends and/or family. Although the hot air balloons left kinda early, I was still able to take a few shots, and there were a lot of people that came to witness this annual event. Meanwhile, people were able to enjoy the parachute show and kite flying. Also, there were stalls of food everywhere, so you wouldn't get hungry, and there was also a bazaar where people could buy all sorts of goods such a t-shirts, hats and other souvenir items that you could take home with you to let you remember of this fun event. :) We didn't stay long enough to see the hot air balloons to come back and for the fireworks display, but overall it was a fun bonding experience for me and my family. 

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