Even though I wasn't able to go out on a romantic date today, my mom set-up a little Valentine's dinner for our family. It was simple, but it was cool to hang out with them this day. I usually go out with my friends on a day like this, but I was a little lazy because the weather was chill, so I decided to stay in and celebrate it with them. My mom bought a cake (see the chocolate in the middle.? yeah i ate all of it HAHA) and she cooked some spaghetti & chicken. Also she decorated our house with a lot of roses and heart cut-outs. It was really adorable and she dedicated her afternoon doing it. 

After dinner, our parents gave us (my sibs) each a present to open, and inside were chocolate \:D/ wooh. A little sugar wouldn't hurt today, right.? I mean it is Valentine's :P For the second picture, my brother gave my mom a bouquet of "roses" that he made himself. It was really cute, creative, thoughtful and not to mention very affordable =)) 

Candle-lit dinners are overrated anyway. Besides, tons of horrible things could happen because of that, so why not celebrate Valentine's one time with just the family in a simple yet happy blowout. :D