Adorable People

For our personal effectiveness class, our professor asked us to interview couples from different generations. Today, we interviewed our friend's grandparents to represent people of their generation. To my surprise, it was actually fun interviewing them! :)) Well actually, we only got to interview the grandfather, or "Papa Bear", due to health reasons of.. i guess.. "Mama Bear". haha.

As we interviewed him, I realized how much the world has changed through the years. He talked about how he was from the province and how everything was simple back then. Love was a simple matter and the qualities people looked for weren't so complicated.  He also mentioned that back in their time, people were conservatove and didn't show too much of their affection in public, unlike today. He talked about how it annoys him to see how some of the youngsters today waste their youth on smoking, etc,, and how things were still cheap back then.

In addition to his quirky answers, he was very perky and loved talking about random things, and although they were off-topic, it wasn't boring to listen to his stories to tell.

Nowadays, the world is becoming more liberal and people are able to express themselves freely in infinite ways.. but are all these good.? It makes me wonder if the world really has changed for the better. Yes, we've innovated our world far greater than our ancestors can imagine, but have we looked at ourselfves lately to reflect on what has happend to our personailities and ways of living.? Today, I see a lot of married couples separating and fighting beacuase of misunderstandings and such. It's so much easier to give up now that everyone seems to be okay with it..I'm glad to see this couple still together and strong, after everything they've been through,thick and thin; high and low; they're there for each other 'til the rest of their lives. :)

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