Mommy's Birthday

top from mom's closet | belt from dad's closet | skirt Forever21 | bag Parisian | necklace SM Dept. Store | moccasins Gap
ice cream is definitely needed in this hot weather
my family, yes including the dog :) 
meet my photographer and little sister! i wonder who she gets her fashion/photography skills from :-"

We celebrated my mom's birthday today at a resort in Cavite. We are so thankful to have her and we wouldn't even be in this world if it wasn't for her. She didn't want to celebrate at a very crowded and noisy place, so we decided to go to a peaceful resort that had this nice restaurant near the sea that served Filipino Food. Everything went well, especially because most of her loved ones and close friends were there to celebrate this special day with her :) 

Outfit wise, I decided to wear a breezy top (that was thrifted from my mom's closet in the 80's!) It may look too hot and heavy for the weather, but it really isn't. I paired it with a skirt because I didn't want to feel to tight-up going near the sea. Also, those flats were so comfortable! -thank you Mickie!- I wasn't worried about falling or tripping in the bamboo walkways because the shoes I was wearing were soft, nice and matched my outfit. It really popped out from those dark colors I was wearing.


  1. FINN + FLAME PRINCESS FOEVAHMay 6, 2012 at 6:34 AM

    Dog - Canis lupus familiaris

  2. your scarlet flats look so adorable with the cheetah shirt! cute outfit xx and your sister is sucha cuety!! she rocks them boots hahah

  3. Great outfit, love your blouse!

  4. Love this outfit! looks so cool and comfy:)

  5. Love the shirt and the mocasins..!!!

  6. You were so adorable. Dear, being a fashion designer for almost ten years, I haven't seen someone who has such taste and creativity when it comes to fashion. Believe me dear, you got the talent. The outfit was just so over the top. When God gave away fashion skills, you were so in front of the line! Perhaps you could try entering the fashion industry? You'd have a space there, I assure you. :)

    1. i can't find the words to thank you enough for your wonderful comment!i would love to be part of the fashion industry when i get the opportunity. thank you, again and kudos for being a fashion designer. i'm sure your designs are lovely and i would love to check them out some time :)