Going Back

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Today, a few of my High School batch mates and I went back to our school to greet one of our favorite teachers a Happy Birthday. Although it isn't her exact birthday yet, we decided to visit her because her real birthday is on a weekend. It was fun being able to catch up on people's lives and reminisce on how we used to be back in high school. We talked about our little adventures and memories back in that school. Apparently, shorts are not allowed to be worn there, so I was hiding a bit from the personnel. I didn't know that it wasn't allowed because they let me in! :)) We found out because some of our batch mates weren't able to get in so easily, but it was all good when we were already inside. 

I was so glad to have found these shorts! Usually, the one-sized high waisted shorts in tiangges don't fit me because I think they are more leaned to Filipina girl sizes(which are small), and I have big hips. Well not so big, but not as small as average Filipinas, so when I saw these shorts, tried them on and they fit me, I just had to buy them-because i barely find any in my size! haha. Besides, I really like their color because I'm very into pastel-turquoisey color these days. As for my necklace, I bought it during my school's bazaar for it's centennial closing celebration for a very good price(P200 or roughly about $4) without shipping :") 

Happy Birthday Mama P! I missed you guys :")


  1. I love your outfit, thanks for following me :) I’m following you now xx

  2. Lovely shorts! beautiful color :)

  3. Cute outfit, love the shorts!
    Thanks for writing at IFB, following you blog, follow back?


  4. You look adorable, Trish :)
    Turquoise is one of my favorite colors ever, so summery and so light. Needless to say I love your shorts and the necklace!



    1. thank you :) i am currently into this color palette :D

  5. Cute outfit!! I love the necklace and the shorts!!