Things Are Shaping Up to be Pretty Odd

 blazer x lace top Forever21|skirt SM Dept. Store

The storm hasn't stopped and what a perfect way to lighten up the mood with this bright colored ensemble. Everyone's been so glum and lazy and I feel like the contrast of this outfit with the weather brightens up my personal mood. With such a depressing color town today, I figured maybe a pop of color would be nice. I know, florals are for spring and summer, but I just couldn't help wear it since it went nice with the blazer, which kept me warm by the way. I especially like the pattern of the skirt because it's like a vintage wallpaper, which I'm really into these days. Also, it may not be obvious because of the blazer, but the skirt has a unique pencil skirt and peplum kind of cut, but not quite. 

comments and suggestions are much appreciated! :)