dress x necklace Forever21 | denim top Thrifted (embellished by me :) ) | shoes Fancy Flats

Not sure if this outfit is blog worthy, but posted it anyway. As I was rushing to go to school for grade consultation and to pay for my tuition today, I decided to take pictures anyway. This isn't something I'd ordinarily wear to school when I commute because (a) it's a dress/skirt and it'd be incredibly difficult to try going on a jeep, thank goodness it was long because I wouldn't wear it on a commute otherwise (b) it's A DRESS/SKIRT =)) yes no different than the first reason, but nonetheless has a different reason-usually when I wear a dress/skirt it's too short to pass the dress code, but this one did.

First I didn't tie the knot on the denim button down, but then I realized it was really wrinkly and didn't have time to iron it before I leave for school, so SHAZAM. Easy fix was to tie it that way. I was also planning to put my hair down, but the damp weather in the Philippines today didn't let me :\ Besides, I get really sweaty when I commute, which is another reason why I tied it up.

After about a little more than three hours in school waiting for my professor, I finally went home. :) I am now a happy bunny. :D