Sloppy Firsts

top x pants Forever21 | necklace The Ramp | shoes x bag Parisian 

Today was the first day of my second term this school year!! I am still hungover (or not contented) with my so-called "sem break" of two days, which is why I decided to wear something chill. No skirts for today! That was my personal rule because I knew it would be a hassle because now I actually had time to follow because of schedule, unlike yesterday. Besides, first days usually mean you don't know who your classmates are and I prefer it to wear something safe and comfortable. A friend of mine said I looked like a double stuffed oreo (not sure if that was an insult, but whatevs :)) ) because of my outfit's color scheme.

As expected, even my professors vented out a bit on how short the term break was, but there was nothing we could do about it, so might as well start this term right and on track. 

Today and tomorrow will(was) just be about introductions and the likes which is why nothing too serious is going on yet. My first two professors seemed okay. I already had one of them in a past class, which is why I THINK I'll be able to like that subject. On the other hand, my last class, had the professor my friends and I have always been trying to avoid! ... not because he's horrible or whatnot(though at some point of our past  experience you could say that), but because we already had him before and we simply didn't like his vibes. I hope we do get to like him this term, because it's the last leg of that class.  

The classes are so far so good, and I especially like my schedule because I can come home early (well earlier than my last term's schedule). :D

I named this post after then title of the book that I just finished reading the other day. Quite cool how I finished it in one day, though it is a short novel. It really sounds like a chick flick, and the cover art lives up to the expectation, but it was on sale at National Bookstore for P20 (not even a dollar) so I decided to buy it  and read it anyway.