Poppy Love

 my younger brother and I, I didn't notice that he was much taller than me until now -_- :)) 
 trying to hold in my laughter whenever someone stares at me while taking blog pictures is still a skill I have yet to master 

Poppy love. get it? -cause my outfit is all floral inspired hahaha. Oh man, that was very lame, Trish :)) 

So the weather isn't doing so well again for the past few days, and I don't know what it is with me and grabbing the opportunity to wear a skirt on weekends. Maybe it's because most of my skirts and dresses are too short for school, which is why I can only wear them on weekends or when I'm not going out for school, otherwise, I'd be in pants. 

It was just a very chill day today. The only thing that annoys me about this outfit is that my skirt wasn't ironed (because we were rushing for church this morning-sleeping in because of the cool weather is not an excuse to miss mass!) aaaand because at the waist area, my skirt has, for some reason, developed horizontal lines that make it look like that my stomach is bursting out of it. In reality though, it's a really loose skirt. 

A lot has happened throughout the past week. The first day of school for the second term this academic year, my first HOW meeting, a photoshoot for the re-opening of our clothing store Trends & Thrifts, etc. I am looking forward to a lot of things this term and I hope everything will be okay. Good luck to everyone and may this term awesomeee. 


  1. really cute look and I love the skirt!:)
    xx Kate


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