Mallzee + a chance to win £100

I am very excited to introduce to you guys a new shopping site-Mallzee .
It's a site that will launch soon and that offers a new online shopping experience. Users can create their own "mall" or fashion wishlist by choosing their favorite stores and brands. They have a software that matches the clothes with your personality and style! :D

Awesome benefits when you use Mallzee:
  • integration of Facebook chat
  • creating polls (will be shown later in this post how)
  • as the ‘owner’ you earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee, including you! (That's right you get paid when you shop?) 
  • your favorite brands such as Urban Outfitters, New Look and Feel Unique have signed up for it so that you can use their items for your mall 
How to win £100 !! 

For their launch, they are going to give away £100/$155 dollars of shopping vouchers, just share Mallzee on Facebook or TwitterYou'll also get an extra chance to win every time a friend signs up - so what are you waiting for? Sign up now! :) 

Here's how it works...

 Sign in with Facebook or Twitter and they'll show you a series of products to get to know your tastes.
 Then you just need to drag the stores you want in your Mallzee into position. You can have as few or as many you want.
 Once your Mallzee is complete you can then browse all the products they've found to match your tastes, chat to your friends and star items for Your Wardrobe.
 Can’t decide on what to buy once you’ve put it in Your Wardrobe? Then make a poll and ask your friends via Facebook and Twitter. They can vote on what they thing you should get and make suggestions. Plus, you can make the poll open to everyone or just a few close friends.

 source: Mallzee.com

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