BDJ (Belle De Jour) Fair

 the girls were having fun making their own accessories at the Roxy Booth 
 the b-e-a-utiful Ms. Geaorgina Wilson talked about taking care of your skin
 the booth that had the longest line in the fair was the Tarot Reading Booth. hmm i wonder why.. -.- 
 he was so fierce-i just had to take a picture of him
 the girls seem happy with their Goody Bags (get it, goodie bags=Goody Bags bahaha)
 SM's Mini Fashion Show
 these are the volunteers from my school and some others who aren't (i'm actually not part of their team, but bahh whatevs haha)

 Even though I was a volunteer photographer, my fashion blogger senses tingled and I just had to take pictures of these pretty ladies with their cute outfits.

okay, so maybe these outfits don't count because they're for the fashion show, but they're still cute! 

It was a fun and tiring experience volunteering for the BDJ Fair (and we got free goodies!) I was a volunteer photographer, and unlike my friends, I had to scout the place for picture-worthy moments the whole afternoon/night, but it was all worth it. (though i'm sure we all worked hard, especially them because they were backstage in charge of the loot bags and quoting the event organizer, they worked like chipmunks). They had lots of booths including Roxy, DC Shoes and the likes that had fun and interactive games in them. Will definitely try to volunteer again next time! 


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