Philippine Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2013- Premiere B Collection and SM Shoes & Bags

 this one's my favorite shot
 this one's my favorite design :") 


Premier B
Eric Delos Santos
Raoul Ramirez
Roland Lirio
Vania Romoff

SM Shoes & Bags

The clothes for this collection are actually more wearable than those from last season's (for me) and because this season's clothes are kinda my style. Colorful colors & prints and flowy and/or glittery fabric. I'm so glad I got to watch again for this season :") tralala. I didn't post all the pictures here because there are way too many, but these are some of my favorites. For the last show (SM Shoes and Bags), I wasn't able to take too many pictures anymore because of my angle, but nontheless I still enjoyed the show and managed to take some photos. The kids' fashion show was so adorable, and I swear those three boys reminded me of the Jonas Brothers (or maybe it's the effect of my hangover from their concert). 



  1. how did you get invites to watch PFW? please answer :D