She Acts Like Summer and Walks Like Rain

 dress H&M | crochet top x sandals Forever21| bag hand me down from my moma ;) | shades ANDROGYNEMANILA
 so many cabs when i don't need them -_- :))
I am fully aware of the two men who photobombed my photo :)) 

Okay so I've been MIA lately because it's been a really busy time... or maybe i'm just lazy these days? nah i know it's a really busy time haha There are a lot of projects (and I'm so thankful that in mosy of them, my friends are my groupmates) , I'm doing most of the household chores, for many reasons, org stuff that I'm responsible for doing, aaaaand I'm helping my dad do the packing and moving and furniture hunting for our new house :") It did sound exciting because I am an aspiring interior designer, but it's quite tiring and it's all happening at the wrong time, although I am very thankful that I finally get my own room. I haven't shopped in a while either, not that I'm complaining. I kinda don't have time for it right now -_- but come Christmas time I'll try to update my closet :") 

I've been listening to some old school alternative-pop music lately because I'm sorta reminiscing (or maybe because I just prefer the music from before orrrrr the songs these days are getting too generic with techno beats and stuff and gradually not making sense :)) ) I will try to post more often. I need motivation! Who wants to give me some? :))