It has been forever (literally, but not quite) since I have written a blog post, or looked at my blog for that matter. So many things have happened since I last posted and I just couldn't manage to maintain this blog: I went through Senior year in college and have graduated, and I am now working (time flies so fast!); but now I am back! Along with me being active on the internet again is something I have been cooking up. Currently, I am now more into Calligraphy, Lettering and Crafts, although I still love fashion as much as I did before. You will find that this blog will no longer be just about fashion, rather a more diverse place where I will blog about lifestyle and other artsy things (hence, randomeverydayjoys ;) )
Like I mentioned earlier, I have been cooking something up. This is connected to my current love for lettering, etc. I have opened a business (and is currently going through a lot of planning and development) where I am selling art prints and invitation services.

Please do check it out, you guys! (we are currently working out International ordering and shipping)

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