Last Day of Finals! \:D/

i was instructing my sister to take a picture of me leaving space on the side. WHAT A FAIL IT WAS :))
i'm so glad my hair is finally long enough to have a french braid. soon I'll also be able to tie it in a side braid :")
 On our way home, we noticed this really pretty tree and I just HAD TO take pictures :))

Today was the last day of my final exams! FTW!! :)) I can't believe it's summer. Like officially summer. For the past few days, I've been studying for my two finals exams, and now they are both finally over. Today I had my business calculus exam. I really hope I pass :)) It's been a hard time in school lately, and I'm just glad to get things over with. Also, I have to admit, it gave me a bad headache, but that didn't stop me from chillin' with my family (who started summer break waaay before I did -.-) and have merienda. Near my dad's office is a clubhouse where we decided to cool off and eat sandwiches and halo-halo :") it was definitely a way to beat the heat! 

On our way out, my mom noticed a tree with these beautiful flowers(one of my current favorite colors, might I add). It was so prettyyyy. It was hard to resist taking pictures. :)

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