Tagaytay Roadtrip With College Friends

we were walking through these kind of pathways in the Picnic Grove
We reached the end of the yellow brick road :)) and this awaited us, a stairway leading upwards :-O It was quite a struggle reaching the top.
It was so sunny that i just HAD TO wear my floppy hat :))
photo take by Justine Tamayo
tribal patterned shorts Forever21 | white top Baclaran :)
this was the first time I saw a flower that was shaped like a star!! :))
my closest college friends :") i wouldn't know how to survive college without you guys 
(L-R me, Danielle, Justine, Anne, Cza, Pau and Sha) 
photo taken by Pau Lucero
Taal Vocano :") (view from Starbucks, Tagaytay)

Since it's summer already, my friends and I decided to go out on a road trip, and finally it happened for real! To fully understand my excitement, you have to know that we've been planning an out of town hang out kinda thing since we were frosh in college and plans were never really pushed through, until now. The friends I were with are my college friends from my block when i was still in an education course. I'm closer to them because they were my classmates for my first year of college, before i shifted to a business course. 

The original trip was to go to Tagaytay in the morning and just chill there then go to Enchanted Kingdom after lunch. We were all set to go, then we found out that EK was closed for the day because it was reserved for some event. THAT WAS A BUMMER :| Well we didn't want to waste the time we had together, and this was a once in a lifetime(not really haha!) kinda thing wherein our parents actually let us go, so we decided to go around Tagaytay to cool off and just hang out a bit. First we went to the Picnic Grove. We didn't really do much there, just walked around =)) After that, we had lunch at one of our friend's house. We didn't really know where else to go after, so we kinda just went where ever. First we went to People's Park in Tagaytay. It was a nice view up there, the only problem was the place was a little rusty and forgotten :)) I must admit, to get more people/tourists to go there, they need to do some serious renovations. After that we didn't know where to go anymore, so we decided to eat merienda/dinner then we stayed at Starbucks 'til it started getting darker.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear a chill outfit because of summer vibes :") I really like my shorts. It's a combination of the things I'm loving at the moment, tribal patterns and turquoise. It's very unique and not a lot of people would decide on buying one, but I really really like how it is. You can pair it with a plain top, and the outfit wouldn't look boring.

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