Corregidor Bound

i just had to :))
accessories x dress Forever 21
i spilled Doritos on my dress -.- lololol
Because of the super duper hot weather, I decided to take my cover up off. This was the smartest decision I made today.
I hade "pa-picture" with kuya guard. I wanted to look legit. :))

As a summer treat, my dad brought us to the very historical island of Corregidor where we had a guided tour. (for photography photos click here :) ) Although I have learned some general knowledge about the island/place, it was still different to actually be there to see the ruins and have a tour guide do all the talking (and research ;) ) and all you had to do was sit back and enjoy the complicated war history our country has. To get there, you have to ride a ferry boat from Manila Bay going to the island. When you reach the dock, these cute shuttles bring you to have lunch, then from there you are assigned a tour guide to explain everything throughout the day.

Today I decided to wear something colorful and light because I knew it would be a hot day, and yes, I am wearing flat oxfords for a reason! It is soooo much easier to travel in flat shoes, even if the world isn't (see what I did there). :D 

I have also decided that this blog (blogspot) will be my avenue for fashion blogging and my Jux account will be used for my photography shots and other pictures that I'd like to post :) I did this so that there are specific sites that you could go to (if you like my pictures :") ) depending on what you would prefer to see, may it be about fashion or photography :D Thanks for the support, you guys! ... and spread the word hihi :)