Little School Boy

pink/orange mod button down x necklace Forever21 | pants Gap | shoes Marithe Francois Girbaud | bag Cole Vintage

The season hasn't really been my best friend lately, and so I decided to wear something that would compliment it (maybe it would bring more rains.? haha) So anyway, I decided to wear some of my favorite colors this summer, pink and tangerine. I used to dislike buying these colors because I thought they would make me look really dark because of my skin color. Now I really like these colors, along with turquoise and mint green, because they pop out real nicely during the day. Also , if you noticed, I wore hipster glasses!! hahaha. I don't know, I just felt like it, and it seemed to go with today's outfit peg, which is a school boy kinda theme. I decided on this because I am wearing a collared button down, which is usually worn by boys, unless it had floral patterns ( =)) ) and I used a satchel, which again, is more commonly used by guys before it became such a trend. 

Comments would be much appreciated ;) 


  1. Would I get ethanol if I reacted epoxides with Grignard reagents? :\ :))

    1. well not just ethanol but, any alcohol? :))

    2. go to library and solve your problems, JAMES. :))