Discovering Art

look at his cool sneakers HAHA!
"they'd dreamed of us sailing that beautiful sea"
i just had to :)) 
i like this photo because you can see that there is a building, and although the modern world is slowly taking over, nature is still available
I luuurve this tree, from the day I first saw it up to now. It still amazes me. 

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm terribly sorry that I posted so many pictures this time- I just couldn't help it! 

Today, my bestfriend and I decided to hang-out and go walking around, and we have reached a realization that although we live near The Fort, we haven't really gone around to appreciate its sculptures and artworks that are scattered all over the place. We see them subconsciously, but never really paid attention nor bothered to check them out, and so today that's what we did. We went around The Fort to look at the art located there and decided to have fun and take pictures. Although we didn't see much of it (because I'm sure of others, but we just didn't have time to go to there), it was still cool. It was a good kind of exercise and it was nice to walk around in streets that aren't so crowded and dirty.

First, we went to this artwork that depicted animals. They were designed using scrap materials such as cans, old tiles, etc. The seats had mosaics of quotes and other poetic writing. There was one seat there that was made from an old bathtub which the artist decided to decorate with old tiles. 

As we were walking around, we discovered this little garden amidst the many buildings composed of offices, condos, restaurants, etc. It was a small patch of greens in the middle of a very busy city. It was nice to see a pretty garden while the hustle and bustle of the city was going on. 

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