Those Aztec Shorts

slippers are perfect for the beach. i don't know what other footwear i would've worn :)) 
aztec shorts x lace top forever21

To celebrate mother's day, my family and I went to Cavite. It seems that we've been going to a lot of beaches lately, and that's perfect! It's summer and going to the beach is a cool way to freshen up, even if it isn't Boracay or whatnot. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in love with tribal designs right now, so these shorts were a definite grab for me. Because it was mother's day and we were going to the beach, I didn't want to pair it with just a cotton shirt nor did I want to wear a blouse that was to snazzy, which is why I decided to wear this comfortable lace top. It wasn't itchy or heavy for me to wear. 

Comments are much appreciated. thanks :)