I Like It Like That

leatherette leggings Promod | lace-ups Primadonna | gold connector ring SM Accessories

Today seemed like a perfect day for a different kind of outfit. I've been wearing a lot of color and prints lately, and so I decided to go with the kinda-gloomy weather and wear some lay-low colors. Although the colors are darker, they're still as comfortable to wear. Also, I wanted to just wear something chill and not having to worry if my skirt is long enough or if my sleeves were just right. With this outfit, you could go do all kinds of stuff. You can go to the mall or go to the library or if you just want to walk around in the park. It's perfect for those bipolar weathers-one we're having right now-because it's not too hot to wear, but at the same time it makes you feel cozy ( just in case it starts raining and it becomes too windy for a skirt/dress).

As I was looking at my old clothes in the province, I noticed this denim top (which im not sure of who's it was bahaha) and realized that's it's something that I could wear right now, and so I took it. I got it washed and voila! I've got a new denim top.  

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