@ the beach

because iron-pressed clothes at the beach are just not doable

I haven't been able to post much lately because of the stress in school and I just recently finished my finals exam. Before school starts (on Thursday! :-O), my dad decided that I should have a bit of time off from the city, technology, school and anything that meant I had to stress out, and so he brought us to the beach. This is considered the only summer vacation that I'm having(besides Holy Week) before school starts next week, and so I am making the most of it. The beach was really nice, and although I prefer a beach with huge waves, I enjoyed this beach we went to this time. I was able to swim further than usual because I didn't have to worry about the waves that might pull me or something like that. The place was very calming and chill, opposite from the busy city that I live in. 

I will have more fashion blog posts soon so come back here one of these days :) 

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