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Today is the last day of summer vacatioooon! (for me) -and because school is starting tomorrow, we decided to buy school supplies. I didn't really need too much stuff, but I remembered buying school supplies when I was younger. The school would give us a list of things we would need during the year and our parents would let us shop in the bookstore on our own. It was fun, and I kinda miss it. 

To kinda celebrate my last day of summer, I wore shorts because a) it is HOT here and  b) i never get to wear shorts to school because there's a certain length we're supposed to follow when wearing shorts, and somehow I always end up having shorts too short for school, so I decided to wear shorts when I'm not in school. I don't know if you guys noticed/can see it, but rather than the usual studs on high waisted shorts, mine had leather details on the front and back pockets.

thanks for reading and comments are much appreciated! :) 

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