Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012- Menswear Collection and Premiere B Collection

I was so starstruck when I saw Andre Chang. I just had to get a picture taken with him! (and I looove his necklace)
Anthony Nocom
Dodjie Batu
Drei Soriano
Edgar Buyan
Frederick Policarpio
Herbert Custodio
Jesson Capuchino
Jinggo Inoncillo
Ronan Opina
(may I just say that girls are not the only ones who can wear lace!) 
Simon Ariel Vasquez
(okay, so this isn't my favorite one, but I just wanted to post this because it is quite unique ;) )
Ulysses King
Zxander Tan
Albert Andrada
Bandoix Flores
Butz Fuentes
Ezra Santos
Kermit Tesoro

I was so lucky to have been given an opportunity to be able to go to the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. I have been very much into fashion and photography lately, so I really enjoyed this experience. Overall, I liked the collections that I was able to see. I can say that the designers are very creative and innovative with their designs. 

For the menswear, my favorite collection was Frederick Policarpio's. I liked it because he made a lot of suits and blazers, which I really like for men. Also, he used a blue color palette, which I am very into right now. I also liked Dodjie Batu's collection because it was very colorful and wearable. I know fashion is supposed to be taking risks and veering away from trends, but I liked it because it's not too architectural and can be work by men casually. 

As for the Premiere B Collection, my favorite one was Albert Andrada's. His collection was very dainty, pure, clean and very well made. I really liked it. It felt cool(not warm) to wear, and his presentation was very interesting. There was a story behind the show which caught a lot of the audiences' attention. I also liked his mini surprises wherein he made the models wear kimonos first only to reveal the beautiful gowns underneath. My second favorite one was Ezra Santos's collection because he made use of soft pink colors(almost rugged) and tulle. I really like the tulle fabric because you could have so many layers and still have a soft feel for the clothes. 

Above are pictures of my top picks for every designer's collection I was able to see :) 

comments are much appreciated! thank you :)