Uniqlo UU and Sale

There was a time in third grade that some of my friends would call me Snoopy Girl because I had so many clothes that were Snoopy inspired hahaha

Uniqlo, a well know Japanese clothing store that recently opened here in the Philippines, released a new collection called the Uniqlo Undercover or UU. It's composed mostly of winter-ready stuff that are super soft and will definitely keep you warm for those cold days. I wasn't really able to take pictures of the collection, just a quick overview, because I kind of focused more on the sale and the whole store itself. I mean I've been in it, but usually it's full of people so I never really get to stay long. Anyway, I went to their website to get pictures of the thinks I actually did like in the collection. I chose a few pieces in their collection that I liked and I find is very wearable even in our kind of weather (except the last one).First, I really like their super soft caridgans, because they seem so comfortable and I like the color hihi. Second, the total opposite of soft, yet still very comfortable is the leather jacket. As you guys can see, my style fluctuates a lot and I have no definite style. Next is I really like their tapered corduroy pants(I liked it in a maroon color, but I couldn't find a picture). Last but not least, I find the red outerwear with gold buttons so cute! It's for kids, but I wouldn't mind having one haha! If you guys want to see the rest of the clothes, go to Uniqlo Undercover. 
Of course we couldn't miss out on taking photos of ourselves haha. I opted for something very casual and comfortable that day because a, I commuted going to school b, I still had to go back to school after this little shopping trip to MOA. You guys like them studs on my collar? :") I put them on by myself. I liked my friend's outfit though, it was very Manhattan-y preppy. 
......aaaand last, i couldn't help but take a picture of this little exhibit MOA was having on LEGO blocks. I just hate those shadows for ruining my shot -_- haha

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