When This is All Over, Let's Have a Tea Party

 blazer from Mom's closet in the 90's | dress Forever21 | shoes Parisian
 i should seriously think of better poses haha

Quick post everyone, and I can't make this too long. 
It's almost finals and there are projects here and there, and the professors are catching up on the things they haven't taught yet. There are classes on Holidays and alternative classes on weekends -_- it's quite frustrating, but then again there's nothing I can do about it. Also, I never thought there were so many yearbook requirements and processes, but maybe because I crammed it hihi. To all those who are having exams soon (may it be midterms or finals), goodluck to all of us! :) I won't be posting as often as I'd like to in the coming weekends, but I'll be back very soon. 


  1. ANG FLAWLESS NG SKIN MO!! hahaha. amazing! :))
    btw, you're pretty good at this blog thing. i love it. :>

    1. editing skills bahaha :))
      thanks justin! :)

  2. you look great, I love the print of the dress and it goes so well with your mom's old blazer. Love the necklace as well:)
    xx Kate


  3. Such a pretty little dress.Good luck with your exams ;) xx