It's Not Itchy in Makati

i look lost don't i.? haha.

heyyy guys :) sorry i havent been posting lately 'cause ive been sick :( , but not to worry, im fine now.

so anyway.. i had the chance to take a day-off from school and the madness of my house by going out with two of my bestfriends, Sam and Micah. Actually, it was Micah's final exam to prepare a meal and serve it to a person that she invited (yes, that was me :D). So there. While waiting for Micah and her classmates to prepare, Sam and I walked around the streets of Makati to get some air and to walk around somewhere besides Taft.

After a bit of a walk (and a cup of yogurt) we found this small park area nearby and decided to stay there. The benches were all wet so Sam and I just walked around the park and found swings! haha. a bit childish, i know, but i miss it and it seemed safe to ride :) so we stayed there for a while before going back for the meal preparation.

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