Short Haaair :)

heeeeeeyyyyyyy. i'm back =)) yes, it's been a while since i posted something on here. It's been a very busy time in school and surprisingly, even at home.. and so now, i finally had the chance to post again! :) i've come to realize that this blog of mine has been dormant lately, and.. well it's time to change that :D haha. A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks, and yes, i will still be glad to blog about my recent trips, food discoveries, and shopping adventures. 

As for my outfit above, yes it's a bit sloppy joe i know haha. outfits can't all be perfect :P and as i mentioned before, I am an outfit repeater. So this is me repeating some of the clothes I have worn before. Lately, I've been into combining colors that i didn't really like wearing before (hahah surprise, surprise). For my outfit above, I really like the salmon pink and navy blue color combination, and to spice up the outfit i added this pretty and thick necklace that i found for a very reasonable price. Actually, I'm not really a think necklace person, but I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing them and they look good, especially on plain tops..and so i decided to invest on one. It took me a while to find a cheaper one that is actually wearable to school, to the mall, to church, or an event.. that didn't need to much effort to wear and could match a lot of my clothes. :) 

Also, lately im into this aperture setting for my camera (as seen in the 1st photo). haha. i don't know, but i really like the effect of having light coming from one side of the photo as it becomes darker on the other side. (and yes i have come to realize that same photo exposes every flaw on my face, but gah oh well =)) ) 

ooooh. and have you guys noticed my new hairstyle.?? HAHA. it has been a while since i posted here huh.? anyway i really like it and it is soooo much easier to shampoo and style now. 

I promise I'll be posting more often now ;) promiseeeeee. thanks to everyone who continually checks my blog out and to those who have complimented me :") hihi. i know i only have a fiew viewers/readers.. but a little goes a long way, right.? hahah. and if you can, spread the word to your friends and other peepssss. :D 

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