All These Patterns

 top x skirt x shoes Forever21| bag Follow Your Heart| belt The Ramp Crossings

When I was a kid, I used to think that it wasn't right and it didn't look good if clothes with patterns were worn together. I always wore either a plain top and printed skirt/pants/shorts or a printed top and a plain bottom, but now I've learned that it doesn't look all that bad. Of course not all patterns and colors go together, but with a bit of practice, I guess it just comes naturally now.

I really like the skirt's pattern. When I saw it at the mall, it was the last piece that they had (and it was even on a mannequin!) Not to be all competitive, but I felt like I really liked it and I wanted to purchase it before anyone else wanted to. I like its fabric because it's not the type to get easily blown away when there's wind, and there's another layer underneath the top layer, so it gives volume to the skirt. The top I bought recently. It has a really soft fabric and it compliments the sort of stiffness of the skirt. I like how the necklace's color pops among all these patterns, mainly because it's bright yellow. I was able to buy this necklace at a tiangge in Luneta last year. It's really cheaper compared to the necklaces similar to it that I saw in the mall. Also, it kinda shows Filipino culture so I'm very proud to have incorporated it in my outfit. Finally, the shoes! Okay, so they may not be the UNIF studded shoes that everyone seems to have these days, but it has the same flare. Besides, I kind of prefer this one because I can wear this to school and church, and it would still look appropriate (not to mention not having to worry about poking myself haha!)

It's summer and you know what that means - time to get some awesome ladies summer dresses!


  1. Your outfit is amazing, Trish :)

    I love all the patterns you mixed & how it all came together, the skirt is adorable.

    Hugs ♥,


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    1. hi! thanks :)

      sure will check it out :)

  3. i love your patterns and your blog! let's follow each other! xx