Broken Doll

 white lace top x skirt Forever 21 | bag Cole Vintage | necklace The Ramp Crossings

It was a roller coaster ride this week. There were so many events that happened and I'm glad to say that most of them are over. For starters, I had a midterm exam for my Finance class and a couple of quizzes for my other classes. I was kind of stressed with which one to study for first because all of the subjects I am taking this term are directly connected to my course. Also, I was very inspired to study at the beginning of the school year, and so I was kind of disappointed with myself when I started slacking off right before the midterms. I got it together and studied(sort of crammed) as best as I could to get good scores on me exams. 

While all of this was going on, the weather wasn't cheering me up. Although I do like the rainy season because the air isn't as hot as it normally is, it's so hard to focus on studying when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and hide under the sheets. This weather would be perfect after my exams :") Though the sky's been very gloomy, I was happy that the classes were suspended one of the days during the week. I really needed the rest that day and it gave me more opportunity to review more. Other than the reason of my exams, I really love this weather. It's very calming and I like eating sabaw to keep me warm. It's the perfect weather to be chill drinking hot chocolate while having a movie marathon or while reading a novel you really like. 

As the week went by, I was able to finish some exams and found out the score to my Finance midterm! I was so ecstatic when I found out that I passed. Okay it may sound a little shallow, but my professor doesn't let us use formula sheets, which could've been a helpful tool for us student, but it was okay because it encouraged us to read and analyze the lessons more. Also, I started having residency at the office of CSO(Council of Student Organizations) and everyone's been so friendly and accommodating and I recently just finished my first evaluation for an Organization Activity. 

This outfit would be nice for going out to the mall or to school during the rainy season if you're into wearing skirts and that kind of girly stuff. The stockings will keep your legs warm while complementing the skirt. I chose a darker yet sheer pair of stockings because I was thinking that it would keep my legs warmer than the thinner kind of stockings and this pair seems more appropriate for the overall look of the outfit. I really like this outfit because it looks vintage yet modern at the same time. It's a perfect mixture of the two different variations of style. 


  1. such a cute outfit on you!

  2. Very pretty!


  3. Congratulation on all your hard work, Trish! :)

    I would love a rainy day or two, just to cool off a bit.

    Your outfit is lovely as always, love your top, the skirt and of course the bag !

    Have a great day!