top x shoes Forever21| skirt Thrifted :) | headband (used as a necklace) Girlshoppe
testing the lighting of the camera. too much aperture, maybe?

 I have the weirdest smiles and facial expressions :P 

I guess the sun didn't want to show up today and it rained really hard. Nonetheless, I still decided to wear something bright and colorful. Although my top is sheer, it still kept me warm because it decided to unfold the sleeves and keep them long, and I wore this skirt because it's flowy and kinda has the same fabric as my top. Also, I really like these two colors together. I think they go really well when worn or as a design somewhere, the way they compliment each other creates a really nice mix. I think out of everyone, from where I was sitting in church, I popped out the most because of the colors i decided to wear. Who could blame me? I like brightening up a gloomy atmosphere, especially now that's it raining and everyone seems to have the same color palette to keep themselves warm :))

I named this post "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" because, if it isn't obvious enough, I was inspired by Mary Poppins's floating-using-an-umbrella pose, and what better time to immitate that pose but now that I am actaully using an umbrella. Aside from a lot of laughter from trying to take the shot, I really like the photo becasue it's just something I never thought I could do. I also really liked the umbrella that I used. It's a Muslim umbrella that my dad bought in Mindanao. My mom really liked it and so she bought all the colors available, so we have that exact umbrella in many different colors. 

comments and suggestions are much appreciated! :) 


  1. No one could blame you ;) This is an adorable outfit.The colours,the print of your skirt-I like it :) xx

  2. wow great outfit!
    i love the color of your top and the dots of your skirt!!!