Hippie Printed Pants

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I'm amused by the pop art-ness of this picture, so I decided to post it 

Rainy season has not yet ended, which is why lazy season isn't over yet either (bahaha). It's been stressful in school lately, maybe because it's almost finals, and a lot of people are barely getting weekends. With so many dates to remember and due dates moved earlier, it sending my groupmates and I to a headache trip, which is why I decided to wear something really comfortable and light today. I've been wearing jeans and sweaters the whole week and it's been really heavy. This light and breezy outfit is perfect for a short rest after the mounds of things I have to do. 

I know I know, they look like pajamas (no?), but I find them very funky. I also like the pattern because it's very vintage and not something you would easily see or find at a department store. I was originally wearing a hat (as seen at the top photo), and yes it looks lopsided there, but I took it off after a while because the wind was really strong. I even had to tie my hair because my curls were getting all defused. 

As part of my temporary weekend in my weekend, my family and I went to the mall to have dinner and lo and behold we stumble upon a book sale, and I looove books and reading novels. I haven't been reading novels lately because it's either I don't have time or when I do get time, I use that time to rest from the activities from school. So from there, I got a couple of books in which my favorite steal is the James Patterson Private novel. James Patterson is my favorite writer because mystery/suspense is my favorite genre more than anything else, and he writes so well in that particular field. I can't wait for the term break for me to be able to read these books (though it would be perfect now because of the weather hihi), and the most exciting part was that all of those books only costed P500 (about $10) in total. It was so overwhelming chosing the books I was going to get. 

comments and suggestions are much appreciated! :) 


  1. Love your pants!!! :)


  2. and the teasing starts NOW!! :P haha.
    -justinnator :)

    *did you just start blogging now?

    1. boooo :| :))

      * i started last year, but didn't post as freuqently as I do now :))

  3. great outfit!
    cute hat!!

  4. Very cute...love the hat!


  5. LOVE this outfit! love the pants, they don't look like pjs at all, especially not how you styled them. great job!