The French Baker

 dress Forever21 | necklace Market!Market! tiangge 

It's Sunday today, which means Family Day (FTW!) My family and I just had a casual lunch after church at MOA and remembered that there's a Forever21 shop there now. After eating lunch, we decided to go there and check out how it looks and check if there's anything we might like. Right when I stepped in, I immediately became nostalgic because that's how the Forever21 looks like in the mall near where we used to live in the States. After a few rounds, I was able to pick up some stuff. I swear, everytime I'm in a Forever21 store, I always get overwhelmed by the hundreds of clothes that are in there.

While we were walking around the mall, I noticed this Painting Exhibit that MOA had in the middle of their activity center. For some reason, SM's getting all artsy today because beside that there was a Photo Exhibit (which I wasn't able to look at because of hunger reasons :P ).

As usual, the weather was being bipolar again because this morning it was perfectly sunny then it started raining really hard again.


  1. Your dress is gorgeous! (and your bag, too!)
    I always find loads at Forever21. Love that store.

    Very gorgeous pics :)


  2. You look adorable and I love your dress...xoxoxox

  3. Lovely blog, you got a new follower. The dress you're wearing is very pretty..