Peace on Earth

 top Hand-Me-Down from my Mom :) (more like I stole it from her closet hihi) | leggings Forever21| belt Bench

As I was looking for files for school, I stumbed upon these photos that I was too busy to post earlier. So now, after I am sorta done with school things, I decided to post this outfit. From what I can remember, the day I wore this was when we were going to watch "The Dictator" in the movie theatre because my dad found the trailer funny, but we weren't able to push through because it was an R-13 film and my sister is only 9. We decided to eat a shmancy dinner instead. 

The leggings I'm wearing are so comfortable and colorful (very me) , and I was in the mood for wearing them at the time and felt lazy to dress it up, which is why i just wore an oversized shirt with it. Also, I remember it wasn't a very cold day so I decided not to wear an oversized sweater. I especially like the belt because it's so cute! I like that it has holes all around it's body so that I didn't have to worry if the holes were far enough, etc. 

As another result of me having no school, I was browsing through the internet for nice photo editing softwares that could be in lieu of using Adobe Lightroom, and I found this software called Picasa. I'm not a very Photoshop-y person for this blog becasuse I mainly post outfits(or maybe I'm just lazy to use legit Photoshop hihi). Well anyway, actually I had it on my computer before when I was still in high school, but found Photoscape easier to use. Anyway, I downloaded it again and tried their editing tools. What do you guys think of my photo's effects this time? :) I'm still deciding whether to stick to my old editing style(cool colors) or stick to this one(warm colors),please let me know your thoughts :) 


  1. Love this! You look great!


  2. Pretty obssesed with those tights and your boots! This would look so cute with shorts.