Sun, Thanks for Shining Upon Us

 dress H&M | leather jacket Thrifted :) | peace sign bracelets Bedazzle Accessories| bag Parisian

After many days of rain, the sun finally came out. Although it still rained a little in the morning, it was a nice and sunny throughout the whole day, and since we were running out of food and the talipapa near us was barely selling anything, my mom decided to go grocery shopping. As my mom and sister went grocery shopping, I went to Carolina's and other accessory making shops in the mall. I was looking through DIY blogs yesterday and got inspired by how sort of easy it is to make your own accessories without spending too much. You get to save and be unique at the same time :) I can't wait to start making them. If you guys know any nice places where I can buy materials, please let me know because the mall I went to only has so much to offer with regards to materials. I shall explore Divisoria soon! hihi 

I wore a floral dress to celebrate the warmth and dryness of the weather. It may sound weird, but I missed this kind of weather. Not knowing if it was still going to rain within the day, I wore a jacket just to be sure.

I hope everyone is okay now and let's keep praying for those who lost their homes, and although my family and I are in good condition already, a lot of people living in Manila aren't yet. There are also still some floods in the area. If you guys get the chance, donate and help out as much as you can :)


  1. Super cute dress.Oh I like DIY`S so much,it is fun ;) xx

  2. Cool!! The jacket looks so great!! Yeah, it's a good thing the weather is fine already.. :D


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