DIY: Ombre Tassle Earrings

Hi everyone!! As I was looking through my facebook newsfeed, I noticed that a lot of people are selling accessories. It may not look it, but I have a very tight budget for shopping on my own, and I just can't afford everything that I see. The accessories, especially in malls, are expensive and I noticed that some of them can be easily made.

This is my first DIY, so please bear with me hihi :)


  1. chain. I bought 2 yards because the lady at Carolina's wouldn't let me buy if it wasn't in yards.You can decide on how thick your chain is and its color. 
  2. jack hooks. (2) uhh i think that's what they're called? correct me if I'm wrong
  3. earring hooks (2)
  4. paint of your color choice. I was going for a neon yellow, but they ran out. Also, if you have a open space you can use spray paint, it'll be easier and it'll stick to your chains more. 
  5. masking tape. -this one i only thought about using when I was already done with the project, but it'll be very helpful when you're painting the chains. 
Overall Cost: P105 ($2.33)
                      -the jack and earring hooks come in packs so you can use the remaining for future use

  1. Cut the chains to the desired length and quantity. Mine were 4.5 inches long; 5 chains per earring. 
  2. Paint the chains up to where you want it to have color. Mine was 3 inches from the bottom. Put masking tape on the part where you don't want color so that the color becomes even and paint doesn't spread on it.
  3. Wait until the paint dries so that they won't stick together. 
  4. Gather the chains in one jack hook.
  5. Add the earring hook to each jack hook. 
Voila! Your earrings are now done :) 
*Note: if you used a matte kind of paint and want the colored part to be as shiny as the unpainted part, you can use clear nail polish. This holds the color on the earrings as well. 

top ( i actually forgot where I bought this top from -___-) | shorts x sandals Forever21

So yes, this is how I wore my ombre tassle earrings. I like all these colors mashing up together in one outfit. I like how the earrings brighten it up, and it wasn't even expensive nor hard to make!